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Overall Dimensions

Approximate Weight

All year NSXs


1991-2000  NSX

1995-2005  NSX-T




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Increased Headroom

The Optimal Driving Configuration

The most common mistake made by novice performance drivers today is improper driving positions. A proper seating position allows the driver to use all of the pedals comfortably including the dead pedal. When you are under load at a high speed corner approaching lateral forces of 1 g.  If you feel your body shifting or sliding or having the need to grab the steering wheel for balance.  Or when find yourself banging your knees into the steering wheel when trying to perform a toe heel shift.  Then you need to reconsider investing in racing bucket seats.  When you want the best configuration intended by Honda's engineers without breaking the bank, this is the best choice.  Our seats are not only accurate to the original, but safe.

Exceeding the FIA Standard


Downforce conducted their own testing to ensure the safety of our customers.  We had consulted with test engineer Scott Glandon from Delphi Safety Systems Test Center in Vandalia, OH.  Our approach was to exceed the parameters by 5 g on the rearward impact and side lateral impact test and do more impact tests than required without reducing the impact force.  Test was conducted using a Denton Hybrid II 50th percentile dummy and mounted multiple piezoelectric impact sensors on the seat and dummy for redundacy and accuracy.  We also used Shockwatch sensors for validation.


In 2011, a customer contacted us to tell us about his experience with the Downforce seats.  This was the first accident we know of involving our seats.  The accident happened when a bodyshop technican took his NSX out on a joy ride and crashed.  The impact was so hard that the rear wheel including the hub and axle wheel flew out over 100 feet from the car.  Even with an insured value of $125,000 from Progressive, the 2003 NSX-T could not be saved.  This incident helped validate our efforts to create a stronger and safer seat.  No injuries were reported and the seat is still undamaged.

Power Seat Option

Downforce offers accurate reproduction of the OEM powered sliding rails.  All the details has been captured including using OEM Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems wiring and connector housing.  We offer conversion services to full turn key solutions.