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Can I purchase directly from Downforce?

Yes, please send inquiry via email to mail@downforceusa.com.  We do suggest that you purchase from one of our listed dealers to help support their business.

How can I verify if my Downforce product is authentic?

We have started serializing our products since 2009.  As long as you know who the original purchaser is, we can verify if your product is real.

Can you make this product for my car?

Depends.  Send us an email and we will review whether the product is a right fit for our product line up.  Generally we consider the following attributes such as Demand, Engineering, Project Costs, Part Cost Analysis, Market Price, Projected Marketshare and Entry Barrier.  The cost of the product must justify the market price.  If we do decide to move forward, we usually provide a free part for those that donate their car for use.

I like to make a product, can you build it for me?

Yes, this is referred to as Private Labeling or Contract Manufacturing.  We have greatly expanded our contract manufacturing business since 2009.  This has allowed us to sharpen our core competencies and being able to operate with higher tolerances with lower costs.  We specialize in low to medium quantities.  

Do you offer sponsorships?

Downforce has rarely participated in sponsorships because of the poor ROI we have experienced in the past.  However we do still offer contracts on rare occasions.  We value active forum members more over magazine coverages.  Submit inquiries to peter@downforceusa.com.

I heard you offer paint services?

Yes, we do offer installation and paint at our facility in Irvine, CA.  Our operation is suited for high quality work only.  Unlike a bodyshop where you will have a body man doing all the bodywork and disassembling.  A prepper doing most of the work.  Downforce's painter is trained in aerospace coating where precision is required.  Everything from our Glasurit 90-Line setup to industrial high performance coatings utilitzing UV cure or high heat curing up to 500 deg F.  We can do it all in-house.  One person does the job and only one person is responsible for the results.  Your bolts are mapped and reinstalled in the exact same place.

Who do you manufacture for?

Unfortuately our ability to protect our client's identity is part of our service.  This means we are not allowed to disclose this information unless we have permission from our client.  It is commonplace to have NDA requirements in contract manufacturing work.  This also gives confidence to our new customers knowing their IP is safe with Downforce.  

How do I buy using Bitcoin or Ethereum?


If you are purchasing using Bitcoin, we use BitPay.  You will need to sign up for an account with them.  Once you are ready, we will send you a link from BitPay.  The rates that BitPay uses changes with the Market and usually is close to what Gemini or Coinbase is trading at.  The rates are actually published and updated here:  https://bitpay.com/bitcoin-exchange-rates



For Ethereum purchases, we will email you an invoice to which you can send ETH to our wallet directly.